Award-Winning Production Company: Producers of Metal and Wake Up!

Welcome to our award-winning production company! We take pride in our ability to create captivating content that resonates with audiences across various mediums. With our expertise in filmmaking and television production, we have successfully produced the film Metal and the nationally broadcast television show Wake Up!

Producing the Film Metal

Metal is a groundbreaking film that explores the world of heavy metal music and its impact on society. Our production team worked tirelessly to bring this project to life, capturing the raw energy and passion of the metal music scene. The film has received critical acclaim and has won several prestigious awards, including Best Documentary at the International Film Festival.

Through interviews with legendary musicians, passionate fans, and industry insiders, Metal delves into the cultural significance of the genre and its enduring popularity. Our production company’s dedication to authenticity and attention to detail ensured that Metal became a must-watch film for metalheads and music enthusiasts alike.

Creating Wake Up!

Wake Up! is a nationally broadcast television show that aims to inform, inspire, and entertain viewers. Our production team understands the power of television as a medium for storytelling and connecting with audiences. With Wake Up!, we have created a show that covers a wide range of topics, from current events and lifestyle to human interest stories and thought-provoking interviews.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation has earned Wake Up! a loyal following and critical acclaim. The show has been recognized with multiple industry awards, including Best Morning Show and Outstanding Host. We are proud to have created a program that engages viewers and provides them with valuable content to start their day.

Our Approach

At our production company, we believe in the power of storytelling to captivate and inspire. We approach every project with a unique perspective, ensuring that our content resonates with audiences on a deep and emotional level. Our team of talented professionals, including writers, directors, and producers, collaborate to bring each project to life.

From concept development to post-production, we meticulously craft each aspect of our productions to ensure the highest quality. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades.


As an award-winning production company, we are proud of our achievements in creating compelling content. Our films, such as Metal, and our television show, Wake Up!, have garnered critical acclaim and captivated audiences nationwide. We will continue to push boundaries and create content that entertains, informs, and inspires.

Whether you are a fan of heavy metal music or enjoy thought-provoking television shows, we invite you to experience the work of our production company. Stay tuned for our upcoming projects and join us on our journey to create exceptional content that leaves a lasting impression.


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